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La Danse Cure


Turkish Dance
Brush Strokes

Born From the Beautiful Beaches & Shining Caribbean Sea 

Depuis 2007 

Created by a mother-daughter duet in September of 2007 on the lusciously vibrant island of Saint Thomas, US Virgin Islands. 

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Léa Scott  & Laurence Paquin

Brush Strokes

Raised to be Strong like the Deep Rooted Palms

Over 30 years of teaching... 

Owner & Director; derived from family legacy and Caribbean culture, created a safe space to inspire and create unique local masterpieces. 

Principle Teacher; originated from international waters ushering a graceful path to immense knowledge of performing arts & dance to the US Virgin Islands. 

Léa Scott & Laurence Paquin

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Dance Performance
Brush Strokes

Where We Build on Family Connection & Friendship

La Famille de la Danse

Dancing is a Social, Cultural Activity. Encourages social bonding and creates synchronization; in return dissolves separateness. Families grow to learn more about each other, building on better understanding, happier and more fulfilling life experiences. Providing an overall community feeling of well-being and togetherness. 

Léa Scott  & Laurence Paquin

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Brush Strokes

Together Growing in Virtue

Nurturing Creativity, Curiosity & Virtuosity 

Creating individuals that possess outstanding talent and technical ability in the field of fine arts. Providing a clear path to stand firm on, guiding them to a victorious future. Prepared to conquer and overcome any brewing storms headed their way. 

Léa Scott & Laurence Paquin 

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Blurry Image of Dancers

Our Philosophy

Image by Adam Littman Davis
Modern Ballet Dancers

Dance is a basic to learning.


Qoute by John Dewey

"Action is the -

Test of Comprehension." 

Children learn most readily from experience. 


Observe the movement

Remembering the four (4) main principles of dance; 

#1: Space 

#2: Time 

#3: Force 

#4: Shape


Listen to the music 

To learn is "doing" and to act on knowledge is the basis of kinesthetic learning. Learning that involves physical activity. 


Be creative 

Inspiring children to learn the art of dance while being unique & creative as individual thinkers. 


Dancing with us... 


Beginners, Intermediate, and Advance Levels


Cecchetti Method 

Our dance program introduces the Cecchetti Method of Ballet. Devised from the Italian ballet master "Enrico Cecchetti". He was one of the most important influences on the foundation of modern classical ballet training.

Explorer la danse


We will focus on discovering and exploring dance in a creative & fun way. Managing a balance between structure and inspiration, with added direction on core values. Creating a special bond with students & families, where achievements can be cherished together.


Building on skills

Providing French terminology and seeking to develop the most essential skills in dancers. Perfecting in technique, strength, elasticity, balance, poise, artistry, and elevation. 


Dance principles

Teamwork is paramount! Focusing on providing a safe space for student individual growth and group participation. Assisting students to reach their highest potential with elegance and poise. Showcasing talents at annual recitals, exposes, and international travel programs.

Brush Strokes
Annual Danse Program: Four Seasons of Danse
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